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Invoking the Pause Scholarship Fund

Eligibility: New Students

Date of notification: Accompanied with admission decision (ongoing)

Application requirement: None

Launched in Spring 2013, the Invoking the Pause (ITP) Scholarship Fund is made possible by the generous support of Maggie Kaplan. Maggie Kaplan is the Executive Director of Invoking the Pause, an environmental grants program designed to advance public awareness and engagement about climate change issues. By creating the ITP Scholarship Fund at Presidio Graduate School, Ms. Kaplan weaves together two causes of utmost importance to her: the sustainability of the planet and the education of the social change agents of the next generation.

In her own words Ms. Kaplan shares that, “by supporting student scholarships at Presidio, my two philanthropic interests dovetail in this one graduate school and its hands on educational approach. For me, that’s a wonderful ‘two-fer’: an ROI—return on my investment—as well as an ROR—return on relationships—I've been cultivating with PGS!"