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Bhakti Chai Scholarship for Emerging Female Leaders

Eligibility: New and returning female students.

Date of Notification: Accompanied with admission decision (ongoing) or for returning students by July 15.

Application Requirement: Essay of 500 words or stating why they believe they qualify for the scholarship.

Send essay that includes name, date, and degree program to which you are applying to: scholarships@presidio.edu

Awards are made at the discretion of the admissions committee.

About Bhakti Chai: An interest in community development and a passion for travel led Bhakti Chai Founder & CEO to India in 2002 to research a movement based on the principles of Bhakti, or devotion through social action. In 2006, Bhakti Chai was born with the vision of fusing sustainably sourced ingredients, artisan micro-brewed products, and the principles of triple bottom line business. The company embraces bhakti through its commitment to charitable donations that support women and girls, sustainable business practices, and is a certified B Corp. Bhakti Chai Concentrates and ready-to-drink bottles are available at Whole Foods Markets, Natural and Independent Markets, and cafés around the country. Click here for more information.