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PresidioPRO: Master Classes

Current Offerings:

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What’s a Master Class?

Master Classes are generally three-hour, university-style keynote lectures by top shelf sustainability thought leaders.

The unique format of our Master Classes comes through in short, global sessions and a continuously linked community of experts. This digitally enabled model allows current graduate school degree candidates and senior leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to collectively address current and future business challenges.

Each Master Class includes curated pre-readings and interactive, post-session exercises to maximize learning.

Seize a continuous learning opportunity.

You may have noticed that the tough thing about today's sustainability challenges is that it’s hard to confront them with past experience alone. Even when you’ve rushed ahead of the competition, the pace and scope of change can make you feel like you’re standing still. External forces, whethermarket, environmental, or social, can quickly alter your circumstances, and organizations often lack the flexibility and agility needed to respond.

This means that many smart, experienced professionals have become stuck trying to use business or policy models that once served them well, but suddenly do not. Today, senior executives in private, public and nonprofit organizations need to constantly question assumptions, learn new best practices, and develop and test new ideas. Continuous learning is the only way to position yourself and your organization to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Rub shoulders with the change makers.

Our Master Class series provides you with access to provocative thought leaders, savvy C-suite executives, and other leading experts for continuous and critical knowledge, challenges to the status quo, and unparalleled decision-making support.