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Presidio Graduate School educates and inspires a new generation of skilled, visionary and enterprising leaders to transform business and public policy and create a more just, prosperous and sustainable world.





Welcome to a new, better approach to professional education.

Presidio Graduate School’s MBA, MPA, Dual Degree, and Certificates go beyond the conventional content taught in other schools, incorporating sustainability concepts and competencies into every course. Whether they have “sustainability” in their job title or not, Presidians graduate with the ability to solve the problems of the next 100 years, not exacerbate the problems of the previous 100.

Program design features that make us different

Sustainability in every course. Our MBA and MPA programs teach all the business and public administration fundamentals you would find in an conventional school, such as operations, finance, and innovation. However, every course is taught through a sustainability lens. We don’t just tack sustainability on as an option, because that’s not where the world is headed. This approach to management education gives you the ability to make decisions in the context of whole systems. Read more about our MBA Program Foundations and MPA Program Foundations.

A focus on applied learning. Humans learn best by doing, not lecture. Our Experiential Learning program has our students working on real world planning projects for real companies making a real impact. We regularly work with organizations like Puma, Google, Code for America, and the East Bay MUD.

An integrated curriculum. Our MBA and MPA program courses are integrated, with each course connecting to and building on the others. No silos. No fiefdoms. No blindspots. Students extend and apply themes and methods across their courses, career development, entrepreneurial plans, experiential learning projects, and internships in private and public organizations.

Innovation for the real world. We don’t live in a sustainable world . . . yet. Therefore, Presidians become equipped with the interpersonal, implementation, innovation, and change management skills they need to make pragmatic decisions in the world that exists, so that they can transform it into the world they want to see.

A true learning community. Our scholar-practitioner faculty blend theory and experience in their courses. Class time includes workshop exercises, dyads, quick fire sessions, dialogue, and lectures. Students co-create the curriculum with the professors, providing in-class feedback on how to improve. This provides time for integrating multiple perspectives and vibrant conversations. As a result, our classroom experience is much richer than the typical academic experience. You kind of have to see it to believe it.

In-person, online hybrid education. We make the most of technology, without sacrificing the value of in-person interaction. For two to four days each month, students gather in San Francisco for concentrated in-person classroom time as well as breakout sessions, presentations and lively discussions with faculty, classmates and guest speakers. In between these “residencies,” students meet and work online together and with faculty members through an instructional platform using the latest technology. This virtual classroom portal allows them to access assignments, participate in forum discussions, and collaborate on team projects. Webinars and teleconference services provide additional ways to enhance students’ sustainable management education. Students also have 24/7 access to Impact HUB SF.

PGS is now offering 100% online degree programs with the first term starting in January 2017. Click here to sign up for more information.

Read more about sustainable management.