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Propel Presidio: Strategic Plan 2012-2021

In the fall of 2011, Presidio Graduate School students, faculty, alumni, administrators and board members worked together for three months to create a new 10-year strategic plan, Propel Presidio. Nearly 300 stakeholders responded to an in-depth online survey and dozens participated in student focus groups. This outreach generated crucial insights about what Presidio does well and where we need improvement. Our consultants, Pete Plastrik and Chinwe Onyeagoro, developed and synthesized information about the markets in which Presidio operates. And our former President and CEO, William Shutkin, brought into the process insights from his professional experience and information he gathered on his own from within and beyond the Presidio community.

We’re proud of our plan and invite you to review it here.

Please note that because of the changes such as the acquisition of Pinchot University, an updated Plan is being developed.

Many thanks for your interest in Presidio Graduate School. We welcome your feedback.