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Innovation on Demand

February 1 and 22, 2013
9:00 to 4:30pm each day

How do you move your organization from innovation-by-chance to deliberate, on-demand innovation?

This hands-on, Intensive Course will provide you with ideation techniques and problem-solving strategies for creating sustainable, value-added, innovative solutions.

After completing the class, participants will be able to:
• Look for innovative ideas and foster innovation through a structured, replicable process
• Improve problem-solving skills through creative, “out-of-the-box” solutions
• Use various innovation tools to foster their organization’s competitive advantage

The course will be taught in two sessions. In the first session, participants will design an ideation workshop and innovation roadmap. Participants will then implement the workshop at their company outside of class. In the second session, participants will come back together to debrief their experience.

Who Should Attend:

• Individuals and cross-functional teams responsible for leading, deploying or managing the innovation pipeline within their organizations, including:
o Decision makers
o Team leads
o Managers/directors
• Individuals and teams with a specific issue to solve for which fresh, new strategies and techniques are needed
• Any organization looking to develop and deliver sustainable, customer-focused and innovative solutions

Topics will include:

• Overview of the innovation cycle, key innovation enablers, most important barriers and how to overcome them
• How to develop an innovation strategy
• Basics of innovation management
• In-depth knowledge of key ideation techniques, tools and frameworks and when & how to use them
• How to design effective ideation workshops leading to ideas that are sustainable, high-value added, and targeted to solve specific issues
• Best practices of successful sustainable innovations
• How SaaS innovation management platforms fit into the picture
• “Open innovation” and its best use
• Social media and gamification for idea generation, implementation, and evaluation

About the Instructor:

Christine Kohl-Zaugg is the founder of BluBubble, a start-up focused on providing tailored innovation solutions to companies and organizations that aim at improving or solidifying their competitive edge. Before focusing on innovation, Christine worked in the sustainability and environmental management fields. Over the course of her 15 year career, Christine provided strategic and tactical solutions to large companies from a broad range of industries, including Nike, SC Johnson, Holderbank, Vivendi Universal and Cisco. At the same time, she has also worked with leading edge organizations and non-profits. She especially enjoys working with companies and organizations that operate within the tenets of sustainability, favor an open, holistic mindset and believe in a systems approach. Christine has trained with leading and well-respected innovation organizations both in Europe and in the USA. She is a certified Innovation Games Trained Facilitator (IGTF). She holds a Masters in Environmental Sciences from the Swiss Institute for Technology, Zurich.

General Admission: $190 Presidio Students and Alumni: $100

For more information, contact Isa Dyer at isa.dyer@presidioedu.org