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Financial Aid

Presidio Graduate School’s Financial Aid Office is excited to partner with you in achieving your educational goals. We are pleased to offer resources and services to help you understand the financial aid process.

Presidio Graduate School offers several types of financial aid programs to assist the diverse needs of our graduate students including scholarships, grants, loans and part-time employment. Financial aid is available for graduate students primarily through federal student loans; however, graduate students are encouraged to pursue grants and private scholarships as well. International students are not eligible for federal financial aid; however, they may qualify for scholarships or grants

The first steps to applying for financial aid are:

Types of Financial Aid

1) Presidio Graduate School Scholarships – Institutional Aid

2) Federal Direct Loans – Direct Loans must be repaid, with interest.

  • Unsubsidized Direct Loans are for all eligible students, regardless of financial need. The student is responsible for paying all the interest on the loan, but can allow it to accumulate while in school and during the grace period. The interest is capitalized and is added to the principal balance when the loan goes into repayment. Repayment starts 6 months after the student graduates or drops below half-time.
  • Repayment for Direct Loans begins six months after graduation or when the students enrolled unit level drops below half-time status. Interest on Direct Loans is a fixed rate of 6.2%for 2014/15 for graduate students. Interest rates are set by the Federal Government each May for the next fall term.

3) Federal Direct Loan Grad Plus for Graduate Students

  • The Federal GRADPLUS for Graduate students is a federal loan program. Direct Loan is the lender for these loans. Interest rates are a fixed 7.2% starting July 1, 2014. Interest is charged on the loan once as disbursement is made to the school as it is with the unsubsidized Stafford. Interest rates are set by the Federal Government each May for the next fall term.
  • Students must be attending at least half time enrollment to be eligible for the loan. Students must be preapproved for the loan as it is dependent on the credit of the borrower. A separate Master Promissory Note must be filled out for this loan through the lender.

4) Veterans and Military Benefits

  1. Presidio Graduate School is approved to receive Montgomery GI Bill benefits and participate in the Yellow Ribbon program
  2. A complete listing of Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents is available at VeteransBenefits - Department of Veterans Affairs.
  3. If you have any questions regarding your military benefit, please email militarystudents@presidio.edu

5) Additional funding resources are available through third-party sites such as collegeaffordabilityguide.org, Hebrew Free Loans, and www.pdsoros.org

Virtual Financial Aid Office

Presidio Graduate School is pleased to announce the new Presidio Graduate School Virtual Financial Aid Office (PGSVFAO). You can access it directly here. This new virtual office will allow you to complete your entire financial aid process online. The web based software will help Presidio Graduate School enhance record accuracy and speed processing times with state-of-the-art financial aid software that allows for secure online delivery of ISIRs, SSCRs, and other data. With this new feature, PGS students will now have the opportunity to complete all their financial aid requirements virtually. You will have the ability to create and complete your financial aid package for the entire academic year through the Virtual Financial Aid Office. All required documents and forms will be available through the students VFAO account.