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Sustainable Management

Sustainable management is a comprehensive management framework that bridges the gap between commerce and the common good. It’s a strategic approach to management and policy that requires a blending of social, natural and financial capital to create an integrated bottom line. This means sustainable management considers not just the financial benefits of a decision, but also its economic, environmental and social impact. By doing so, sustainable management transforms business and public policy to bring about a more just, prosperous and sustainable world.

Ultimately, sustainable management involves creating wealth and minimizing future risk for individuals, companies and communities while optimizing and restoring economic, environmental and social value. It’s not an add-on or a cost in doing business or conducting policy but a means to dramatically improve strategy, stakeholder value and financial performance.

Sustainable management is about realizing opportunities. Sustainable management makes it possible to design more sustainable, healthful and affordable products and services and to address global issues such as poverty, ecosystem degradation and human rights.

At Presidio Graduate School, sustainability education—the MBA and MPA in sustainable management, Dual Degree and Certificate programs—provides the means to see and act on these opportunities for innovation and impact affecting the economy, environment and society.