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Lean Green Launchpad

Business model canvas meets triple bottom line — 4 day intensive workshop


Individuals: $299 per person
Teams up to 4: $299 for first person, $100 for each additional person

Lean Startup Methodology with a Conscience

This course provides real world, experiential learning focused on lean start-up of a sustainable business. Combining “Lean Launchpad” entrepreneurial practice with Presidio’s expertise in sustainable ventures, this course creates a laboratory for entrepreneurs looking to start a mission-based business with solid triple bottom line goals. Using the Business Model Canvas, participants will effectively explore how shifts and demands in a volatile business environment necessitate the consideration of sustainability challenges to ensure resilience of the business model.

The course will be held residency-style over two weekends and combines in-class lecture and workshop, web-based flipped classroom teachings and inter-residency business model testing with external stakeholders. The course requires interactions with potential customers, suppliers, partners, and competitors as participants test hypothesis of their value proposition. Each team will be required to conduct interviews with a minimum of 5 customer/industry contacts during the inter-residency period. Participants will be coached to prepare for these interviews during the course workshops.

You will also navigate through each component of the Business Model Canvas and leave able to apply agile development tools to rapidly iterate a sustainable business product or service into something that customers will buy.

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone working on a real enterprise idea that promotes social or environmental outcomes
  • Individual Entrepreneurs or Teams of Entrepreneurs

Course Materials:

The course will refer directly to several texts and articles listed in the following reading assignments. Students should be prepared with the following materials:

  • The Startup Owner’s Manual, Blank & Dorf
  • Business Model Generation, Osterwalder & Pigneur
  • The New Sustainability Advantage, Willard, Bob
  • Harvard Business Review articles and case studies as assigned


This course will utilize a flipped classroom technique where core material will be presented in webinars for remote viewing. Participants will be assigned a series of web-based videos to supplement course content. These videos are not optional and considered a key part of the course learnings.

Pre-Course Resources and Preparation:

Participants will be expected to arrive at the first residency with a general understanding of the Business Model Canvas including:

  • The nine components of the BMC
  • How does the BMC differ from a business plan
  • What is the difference between search and execution
  • What is a hypothesis in the context of the BMC

Participants or teams should come to the first residency with a clear idea for starting an enterprise and be prepared to present this idea at the first day of class.

About the Instructor:

Kristin York, MBA - Cutting Edge Capital
Edward West, MBA - Mission Motors & Impact HUB Oakland
Stuart Rudick - Mindfull Investors 
Mark Dempster - Sequoia Capital
Others TBD

Classes will be held at:

Presidio Graduate School
36 Lincoln Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94129


For dates of upcoming sessions contact Ryan Cabinte, Director, at ryan.cabinte@presidioedu.org or 415-561-6555.